Noel Gallagher once referred to the X Factor ‘It’s only a TV show, though, and the whole thing is more like a soap opera with all their back stories and that carry-on.’ It seems like music in modern-Britain has been bastardised by shows that seem hell-bent on manufacturing artists on a conveyor belt. Most significantly, with a narrative that draws attention away from the most important thing – the music.

It’s a culture of expensive recording studios, with every element fine-tuned to perfection by an abundance of artificial compressors and effects.

Real music is appreciated in its original,  rawest form.

Can anyone honestly say the UK is lacking talented musicians? From rock to blues to electronic music – absolutely not. Sometimes it’s just a platform, an opportunity that’s needed to showcase something the world has never seen before.

As the great Tony Wilson once said ‘This is Manchester. We do things differently here…’ we endeavour to do things differently too.

We are 0161 Records.